StoriaEdu offers various online courses for students. We believe online learning can be as effective as regular face-to-face learning with the right approach and experience of the teacher.

Furthermore, we take pride in our conversation courses as our number one feature. We have found that the joint ending goal of most language learners is to be able to communicate without problems and without “big” mistakes, whether it is in business, job interviews, travel or anything else. Don’t worry, during our first FREE class we will test you (it is not a real test, only an informal talk where the teacher will gently assess your knowledge level) and, based on it, make a plan of further development if you decide to be our friend.

We also offer courses for children where we implement games and vocabulary suitable for children’s development. If you have a special program you want us to teach your child, don’t hesitate to suggest it and we will do our best. Also, we can follow your child’s school curriculum and help them with their homework and improvement. Please note that we will never do your child’s homework but we will always help them do it!

If you want to attend a specific course, like business, medicine or exam preparation please contact us and we will work something out together.

Remember, all our courses are adjusted to you.